On this day in History General Shkuro

February 19th, 1886, is the birthday of General Andrei Shkuro. He was born in the stanitsa of Pashkovskaya in Kuban. Shkuro graduated from Nikolayev Cavalry School in 1907 and served in the Kuban Cossack Army. In World War I Shkuro became the commander of a special guerrilla unit which executed several daring raids behind Austrian-Hungarian and German lines. During World War I, Shkuro was promoted to the rank of colonel. In the spring of 1918, after the establishment of the Bolshevik régime, Shkuro organized an anti-Bolshevik Cossack unit in the area of Batalpashinsk in the Caucasus.

On This Day In History February 16th

February 16th, 1918 is the day that the Kuban Cossack Republic proclaimed its independence. During the Russian Empire, the region of the Kuban was Cossack territory. The western regions belonged to the Black Sea Cossack host in 1792. The Southern and Eastern regions were made from the Don Cossacks. During the years, of the Russian Revolution, many Cossacks were able to regain their independence that was almost absolutely lost in the 18th and 19th centuries through the policies of Rusification.

Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America met with the Bulgarian General Consul

On February 13th, 2015 Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of the United States of America Alexey Bocharnikov met with his Honorable Consul General Milen Lyutskanov of the Bulgarian embassy in New York City. Vice Ataman introduced the Cossack Congress in America, and provided the Consul with the current tasks the Congress hopes to accomplish in the 2015 year. The Consul General and the Vice Ataman had a lengthy discussion of the historical importance of the unity between the Bulgarian People and the Cossack People.

Federation of Cossack National Games Sherimitsy organizing committee held their first meeting for the preparation of the 2015 Sherimitsy games.

February 12th, 2015 in Aksai Rostov Region, in the Stanitsa Aksai Cherkassy County of the Don Cossacks, was held the first meeting of the organizing committee on the preparation for the Cossack National games “Sherimitsy 2015” dedicated to Saint George day. Together the representatives of the Cossack communities of Aksai Rostov, Aksay, and Starocherkask Yurtov, identified a number of priorities issues related to the organization of the 2015 Sherimitsy, set goals and objectives, and planned a joint action plan.

Kuban Cossack Voisko Abroad Cheesefair week celebration

On February 8th, 2015 the Kuban Cossack Voisko Abroad held celebrations for the Cheese-fair week. Cossacks attended divine liturgy at Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and then proceeded to the Cossack Hall in Howell, along with a number of parishioners to continue their celebrations. Ataman of the Kuban Cossack Voisko Abroad Alexander Pevnev participated in the celebration, and thanked all who engaged in the making of this day. Later in the day, the Cossack museum was opened for visitation.

Many Years to Alexey Kaganzev!

On February 4th, 2015 Alexey Kaganzev celebrated his birthday. Alexey Kaganzev was elected Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America twice for years 2011-2013, and is currently active in his home Stanitsa Vineland New Jersey. We would like to wish him great health, and congratulate him on his birthday.

Many Years to Alexey Kaganzev!

Cossack Congress in America Educational Outreach team held a meeting on January 31, 2015

The Educational Outreach team of the Cossack Congress in America held a meeting on January 31, 2015. The members of the team reviewed all of the submitted research and have decided to progress into the second phase of the presentation preparation. The team has agreed to hold multiple presentation in the academic 2015 Fall semester, and will deliver it's results of these presentations to the annual Congress in October. The team will present an update of the current status of the educational outreach program to the Small Congress in March 2015.

Stanitsa Nikolskaya Held Memorial Service For Victims Of Cossack Genocide

January 25th 2015, the Cossacks of Stanitsa Nikolskaya gathered together to pray for all Cossacks who became victims during the Cossack Genocide. The memorial service was attended by the Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of the United States of America Alexey Bocharnikov.

Kuban Cossack Voisko Abroad Held Memorial Service For Victims Of Cossack Genocide

Territory of the Don Cossacks Edward Clarke

Appearance of the Don Cossacks at Kasankaia.—House of the Ataman.—Ideal Dangers of the Country.—Voyage by Water.— Amusements and Dances of the People.—Departure.—Steppes.— River Lazovai.— Visit to a Camp of Calmuks.—Of their brandy distilled from Mare's Milk.—Personal Appearance of Calmucke.— Arts, Armour, and Weapons.— Recreations and Condition of Life.