Dear brother Cossacks!

Cossack Stanitsa in the Name of Ataman Kaledina held an administrative meeting

The All Cossack Stanitsa in the Name of Ataman Kaledina, Montreal, Canada, held its administrative meeting on Saturday March 28th 2015. The meeting discussed its internal Stanitsa topics, as well as reviewed the Small Congress agenda.They will allow sometime for all of the Small Congress material to be reviewed by all members of the stanitsa and will submit their results along with votes by the end of April.

Vice Ataman Ruslan Dimitrov to attend the May 2nd Sherimitsi

Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of Canada will be attending the May 2nd Sherimitsi. The annual Cossack Sherimitsi will be held on the territory of the Monastery Chapel Tracts nears Stanitsa Starocherkasskaya. Following the Sherimitsi, Vice Ataman Ruslan Dimitorv will attend a historical conference dedicated to the Cossack history, which will be hosted on the same day in the same Stanitsa.

Conference of Cossack history, culture, and traditions to be held on May 2nd, 2015

On May 2nd, the Federation of National Cossack Games, will be hosting the Saint George Sherimitsi in the Stanitsa Starocherkask. In addition, a conference will also be held on the same day following the sherimitsi which will be pertain to the Cossack culture, history, and traditions. From an informational letter which was earlier posted online, the Conference will include the following topics.

• The culture of the Don Cossacks
• The spiritual and materialistic culture of the Cossacks.
• Traditions of the Cossacks
• Various historical weapons of the Cossacks.

Small Congress of the Cossack Congress in America will begin on March 15th, 2015

The Small Congress on the Cossack Congress in America will begin on March 15th, 2015 and conclude on May 3rd, 2015. During this time, each member organization will be able to review the current works of the elected Ataman, and the two vice Atamans, and provide feedback in order to ensure success through the next annual Congress of 2015. In addition, the member organizations will establish the location of the next annual Cossack Congress in America, and vote on certain topics which can not be decided on by the Ataman's council.

Educational Outreach Team held a meeting on February 28th, 2015

On February 28th, The Cossack Congress in America Educational Outreach team held a meeting to discuss the progress on the Cossack history presentation, to be presented in a university in the fall academic semester, as well as discuss the possibility of participating in Saint Vladimir'a celebration in July 2015. The team has prepared certain ideas, and has presented these ideas to the Saint Vladimir's day committee for approval. The team will meet again on Saturday March 14th, 2015.

All Cossack Stanitsa of Colombia

Cossacks living in Colombia have gathered together and established an All Cossack Stanitsa!
Their goal is to unite ethnic Cossacks and to upkeep the history, traditions, and culture of their ancestors. The Stanitsa is also open in helping support brother Cossacks, and will work hard to keep the unity of our people strong. The Stanitsa will engage in various Cossack activities throughout the year.

You can contact the All Cossack Stanitsa of Colombia by sending an email to

Maslenitsa in Stanitsa Nikolskaya Chester, Pennsylvania

On February 22, 2015, the Cossacks of the Stanitsa and guests from neighboring Stanitsas gathered together to for divine liturgy in the Cossack Saint Nicholas Church. Following the divine liturgy, everyone participated in Forgiveness, as the last Sunday before lent is called Forgiveness Sunday. Following the prayers, the Cossacks and parishioners gathered together in the Church hall for Maslenitsa celebration!

Maslenitsa in Stanitsa In The Name Of Ataman Kaledina Montreal, Canada

On February 15th, 2015, the Cossacks of the Stanitsa gathered together in the Cossack chapel, in order to hold a memorial service for Ataman Kaledina and to all fallen Cossacks. Following the memorial service the Cossacks held their Maslenitsa celebration. The celebration was attended by Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America Iegor Brun de Saint Hippolyte, as well as Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of Canada Ruslan Dimitrov.