Galina Nowak, née Tioutiounnikova Reposed in The Lord

Longtime Stanitsa member, Galina Nowak, née Tioutiounnikova reposed in the Lord February 17, 2020.

The deceased was a member of the sisterhood of the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Montreal, the main ROCOR Cathedral for Canada, shouldering the Head Sister in many of her tasks.

The deceased was also an active member of the Montreal Cossack Stanitsa named after Ataman Kaledin where she often mirrored the same duties she carried out at the Cathedral.

The newly reposed is survived by her children Nadezhda and Andrey, grand-children Irina, Yulia, Alyona, great-grand children Alexandre, Luke, Emilia, Anastasia, Ekaterina, Maxim, Natalia, Dimitri, Victoria and Alexander as well as family and friends.

The funeral service was held on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30pm at the Cathedral.

On Thursday, February 20, a final farewell took place at 10:00am followed by the burial at the Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Rawdon, Quebec.

Eternal Memory to the newly reposed Galina.