Lienz Massacre and Forced Repatriation of Cossacks May 29th - June 1st

During the Russia revolution, Cossacks were one of the major ethnicity that composed the white movement to fight against the Bolsheviks. However, when the Cossacks were faced with decossackization, many were forced to leave, and those who were left behind suffered terribly from continued repression. That is why during World War II, many Cossacks saw an opportunity to free their homelands from the occupation of the Bolsheviks, and joined sides with Nazi Germany. As unfortunate their fate, at the time the Cossacks believed they were doing what was best for their homeland. It was not until later in the war, the Cossacks saw the real image if the Germans, but it was too late to change their allegiance. Eventually, the Yalta Conference after World War II had determined the fate of the Cossacks who managed to survive and regroup in Lienz Austria. They were to be repatriated back to the Soviet Union, and to the Cossacks, they knew this was death for them. On 28 May 1945, the British Army arrived at Camp Peggetz, in Lienz and assured the Cossacks of peace, but when the Cossacks refused to board the trucks violence broke out. The men were beat, shot, dragged across, until the total deaths reached into the thousands. The Cossacks to this day, do not forget the massacre that took in Lienz, Austria, and to this day, there are eyewitnesses, survivors who still remember the horrible events that took place on these days.

Memorial Eternal to the Cossacks who were murdered in the Lienz Massacre!