Is it possible to restore the Cossack Republic and Government? An Article by Temerev

For me, the answer to the title, is a definite yes. The recovery of the Cossack republic, order in the lands, is possible and moreover, in the case of the dissolution of the Russian Federation will be vital for all Cossacks. I do not want waste the time of the readers on why I think the collapse of the Russian Federation is unavoidable, and all those who are interested in more information, can get acquainted with the forecasts of analysts, with various studies on the topic. The information is widely available, and it is not a secret. This article, rather focuses on another question, which requires the Cossacks state, and the means through which our people can develop and independent political existence.

Our ancestors lived near Russian. They have done much in order to expand and strengthen the Russian Empire, but to say that Russia is a “Cossack Project” is incorrect. No matter whose blood and labor was used to develop the project, our ancestors have not received any benefits from Russia. In addition, by strengthen the Russian State, it was harder for Cossacks to defend their own republics, and their own independence. Nevertheless, the Muscovite filth, never stopped their attempts to take Cossack lands, and to subjugate Cossacks into the Russian Empire. Empires do not recognize sovereignty, until they are stopped by a power. In the 17th Century, our Nation was strong enough to shake the Russian foundation, and a century later, the balance of forces was no longer in our favor. While much has been done by the Cossacks for weakening and strengthening our northern neighbor, after the killing of Ataman Bulavin, and the Don accession to Russian by Peter the great, our Nation was finally subdued. Now instead of an Ataman, elected by Cossacks by a Congress (Krug), there were Military leaders by Orders from Saint Petersburg. The Cossacks did not serve Russia on a contractual basis, as before, instead they were obliged to pay the tax in blood, for maintaining some minimum freedoms.

Our nation was no longer the same as it used to be for many centuries. The Prisud was occupied, and rebellious officers who did not want to sell themselves to the Tsar, were destroyed. In their place, the occupant placed their henchmen – National Traitors – who in turn began to transform the Cossack republics, into land for the serfs of Russia. Thus began the reign of slavery, in the free lands of the Don…

The spiritual enslavement of the Cossacks joined the education and the Church. The runaway peasants theory, is not an invention of the Bolsheviks as some think of it. It appeared when it was ordered by the Russian Empire. In the 1830s, the Cossacks became victims of the Russification policy on the occupied territories, and not only the Cossacks suffered. It was during this time period, that the Russian textbooks modified the pre-existing definition of Cossacks as a People. The policy of Russification of Poland replied the uprising of the 1830s. As many have already noted in Platovs time, the process of Russification, was largely completed. The Empire established Atamans did not seem to oppose the elimination of the ancient Cossack traditions and customs.

The Bolsheviks much rejected and cursed the old Russian heritage, but they adopted the runaway peasants theory. They took it for the same reason. After all, if we are al Russians, as they used to say, the Cossack had no right to their Prisud, and all of the land must be Russian land. There is no special status that they are entitled to, because they are all Russian people. Well with the elimination of the Empire Classes, the Cossacks themselves do not exist!

If it is the opposite, the Cossacks are original people, and there is no Russian land for the Cossacks, there is only their Prisud – the Cossack Homeland. As long as the Cossacks live, there will be no justification or power over our Prisud, except for what the Cossacks decide. Our enemies are well aware, and they are far from blind on this topic. Who are our enemies? Whosoever is the enemy of the Cossack state, and is in the way of the restoration of Cossack order in the Prisud is the enemy. If this enemy later on decides to declare his Cossack origin, then they are a national traitor, just like Judas, and they are a worse enemy than any other.

I will also add that in the contribution of the enslavement of Cossacks, was played a large role by the Russian Orthodox Church. In which, Cossack patriots who rose to fight the invaders were declared anathema. Nobody in the past heard angry denunciations of the hierarchs of the Church against slavery, yet people owned slaves!

Is there not injustice now? There is, but we will not hear it from the lips. The Russian Orthodox Church is not so much a church, as it is the institution of the state, and it has been for a long time. Even the best involved, are more concerned with the earthly greatness of Russia, Majesty, indivisibility, and the likes, but always neglecting the spiritual. They all take trips to the Ukraine, Don, Kuban and other places, to explain to people their own version of Cossacks, and to further advance their political position. Instead of gaining the grace of God, the edification of the people and government of the country, they serve the authorities, and help them keep us in subjection. Some will read sermons on patience and advise the people to “suck it up”, completely forgetting that in their patience there is sin. Christ was meek and lowly, but he saw the iniquity of the holy places, did the deeds. Many people complain about the current graceless priesthood. When in the old days, did we see priests who are in danger of obesity, and in the greed of wealth? If caught in their sinful nature, they were cast out, and this was the correct approach. The priests are servants of God, and they must be an example in purity and righteousness, and he is not able, then there are many other places for such people in the world. The Lord himself said, “ Be holy, for I am Holy”.

So what do we need to recover the Cossack Republic and Government? The Cossack people need to be the masters in their own house. So that our life does not depend on what mood the rulers in Kremlin woke up in today. We must live in Cossack Communities, and live according to the laws written as in our state. A servant will always remain a servant, and for him the main decision are made by others. The path of service has undermined our forces. If our People do not want to die and disappear, we must actively work on our Cossack Prisud. Ideas come when they possess the minds of many. This means that we need to fully promote the idea of the Cossack Prisud. Every Cossack must know, that on other there can be no other legitimate authority. Secondly, our people in are not represented and are not protect by the authorities. Let every Cossack know that we are robbed of our possesions because the heirs of our oppressors give away what belongs to us by our birth rights.

They trample our land, eat our bread, drink our water and breath our air. If you do not fight our oppressor, we will never gain our ability to restore our lands. Brother and Sister Cossacks, never forget that we currently live in the occupation regime. For many years they softened our appearance, our Cossack identity has not fully disappeared.

Our people have been long and firmly embedded in the Russian Empire, much stronger than some others, so that an independent development could not be further progressed. Its not secret, that Cossacks who learn of their history, are not welcomed. All This leads to the national awakening of our national consciousness as a People, trying to escape the oppression in our lives. Russia needed only our land, but with our land they managed to erase our very existence. To the Russian society, I want to mention, especially to the Patriotic Russians, I will say that every Nation feels only pain, solving their problems and observes only its own interests – this should also be done with Cossack people. As a Nation, we do not need Russia.
Some scare Cossacks, with the fact that the formation of the Cossack Republic, it will find itself in isolation, and cut off from the modern scientific and technological achievements. This is monstrous naivety! Russia has never advanced in these fields because the state. How it happened and why is a separate conversation. But it remains a fact that its is a country with a type of catch up development. In the soviet period, the cost of considerable effort and sacrifice, was sometimes only the ability to get ahead for a short period in certain areas. The car industry, the Humpback Zaporozhets, was nothing more than a ripped off version of the Fiat 600 in the late 1950s. In general, advancement in technology was usually completed by different countries. In the Russian Empire, the most successful and advanced achievements of military science was by the done by the Cossacks.

As I mentioned earlier, in case of a real collapse of the Russian Federation, we will need to build our own state, or to restore the previous state. From what we can and should do now, I already called propaganda of Cossackia. This must be done now, because later it will be too late. There are great chances to win. Modern Prisud is not the wild field and Cossacks will not be the only inhabitants. In the capacity as ethno-political power of the Cossacks there is no equal. Moreover, within the region there are several groups that will fight for power. Unfortunately in the form in which the Cossack nation is now, there is a great chance to be used, and to not to play an independent role. In principle, avoiding this is possible, but it requires active work at the present time.

A. Temerev