They have been deceived, betrayed and destroyed!


According to the Yalta agreement, the British government has pledged to give back to the Soviet government all former USSR citizens as of 1939 at the conclusion of World War II. This was the basis for massacring the Cossack camps filled with patriots and fighters against the Soviet regime.
37 generals, 2,605 officers, and 29,000 Cossack were massacred on June 1st, 1945 in the “Valley of Death” near the Austrian town of Lienz. The British soldiers were beginning the process of sending back 70,000 Cossacks, including the elderly, women and children, back into the hands of the Soviet regime, dooming them to death. Many preferred death to captivity knowing there would not be life back in the Soviet Union.
Cossacks, brothers and sisters! Madness committed against our nation has left us with sorrow on our hearts. What can we do to comfort the souls of our father and mothers, martyred in the struggle of freedom and independence of our people, who did not bend down to the enemy of Christianity and humanity? We thank them for their sacrifice and courage to stand against their enemy!
There has been announced an organized fundraiser by Cossacks in Europe, who will present an icon in memory of those betrayed in Lienz, the icon of the Protection of the Mother of God.
All those wishing to make a donation, the information is at the bottom of the article of the link provided bellow. The Icon will be presented at Lienz on the 70th anniversary of the tragedy by the Cossacks KNOD in late May 2015.

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