The 5th Annual Cossack Congress in America

On October 11th, 2014 in the Cossack Stanitsa in the name of Ataman Kaledina, Montreal, representatives of 9 organizations and communities gathered together for the 5th annual Cossack Congress in America.

The days started with the welcoming of guests abroad and social interaction. Shortly, after 11AM Eastern Time zone, the Cossacks gathered for a prayer led by Priest Alexey Bocharnikov, and the annual Congress was announced open. The Cossacks evaluated the works of the leadership for the 2013-2014 time period, and thanked all who were responsible for a progressive year. The Congress proceeded with the elections of 2014-2015 which ended with the previous leadership being reelected. The Congress viewed at the importance to expand and establish a more dominant presence in western USA. The Congress has discussed and set important tasks and goals for the next year and has formulated a series of plans in order to make them successful. A letter was introduced by a member of the congress in regards to the organization of Dikoepole, and from the vice president of the Federation of Cossack National Games Sherimitsi. They asked the Cossack Congress in America to participate in their 2015 National Cossack Sherimitsi, and expressed their desire to see the Iegor Brun de Saint Hippolyte Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America ,partake in their established council of their organization, as a representative from the Cossack Congress in America. The Congress has agreed to let Ataman Iegor reach a decision, and will announce it soon. The Congress then discussed the need to send representative for the 70th year anniversary of Lienz and wishes everyone who is interested to notify the leadership by the end of the year. The Cossack Congress in America officially concluded at 2:02 PM and the Cossacks continued to socialize, sing, and dance behind the tables of the hall during dinner.