Word of the Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America Iegor Brun de Saint Hippolyte

Dear Cossack brothers and sisters,
certain parts of our territory that are now in Ukraine and Crimea have seen and are still seeing extremely political events happen, where entities with diverging interests, pour oil in the fire by using lies, dishonesty and propaganda in order to reopen our historical wounds.
We are one of the people with the most democratic social and political organization in the world, but we are a warrior people whose reactions are often based on emotion. The participation among us in this conflict, either on one side or the other is the proof of this. Getting fully involved and fighting for what we believe in reflects our character. This is part of our epopee. To those who are involved, I say: Do it wholeheartedly, either for one side or the other, you have my blessing and my approval. But remember that we all belonging to one people, whatever Voisko we belong to, or country we live in. Together, we ought not to speak of matters that divide but rather of matters that unite our community because we are all Cossacks.

Slava Bogu shto my kazaki!

Конгресс Казаков в Америке
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