Recognition of The Cossack People As Indigenous People

The Cossack Congress in America will reach a very important milestone in October 2014. It will be exactly 5 years since the first Congress in Stanitsa Nikolskaya, Chester, Pennsylvania, and since the creation of the Cossack Congress in America. Throughout the years the Cossack Congress in America was faced with many challenges, and many opportunities to overall benefit the Cossacks in America. To this day, a question remains on the minds of many people around the world. What exactly is the overall purpose of the Cossack Congress in America? This question was answered by Ataman Iegor Brun de Saint Hippolyte, “The real and final goal of the Cossack Congress in America is the recognition of the Cossack people as indigenous people by the United Nations. We will continue our search and keep all information proving that we are an indigenous people and everything that belonged to our people: territories, buildings, assets and so on. This is not something that can be done over night; this is and will be a long process.” Unfortunately Cossacks today have not yet been recognized as a people, allowing others to take advantage of this fact, and threaten the very disappearance of a historical group of people. As the Vice Ataman of territory of United States of America explains “Some Cossacks are being threatened for saying they are proud to be born a Cossack, and be part of such a mighty historic nation, or by simply saying they are the nationality Cossack!” Together, the organizations untied under the Cossack Congress in America will have the ability to finally resolve the recognition of Cossack as a people around the world.